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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The weather has gotten brisk. The days are getting shorter. Darkness is lasting longer and that can only mean one thing...my new book is almost here.

Anthorrorgy will be here in November. In the meantime, here is the brub from the back of the book.

Everyone has nightmares and Marc L. Abbott invites you to delve deep into his. Enter his world where the monsters your parents told you don’t exist actually do, and they are anxiously awaiting your arrival.

The Turbulent Voyage of Flight 722 to New York – A man infected with a deadly disease threatens the lives of airline passengers when it transforms him into something inhuman.

A Language Deciphered – A writer combines ancient languages to create a tale of dread but inadvertently summons something not of this world.

The Pheromone Incident – A sweet fragrance lures three friends into a creature’s lair where it’s determined to make them its next meal.

Vampsquito – Attempts to stop the West Nile Virus spawn a breed of mosquito whose bite turns humans into blood thirsty killers.

Five by Seven – Aliens painfully interrogate the captain of a deep space shuttle mission in a makeshift prison cell after one of their own is kidnapped by his crew.

Those are just some of the nightmares that wait you.
Welcome to the darkness.
Welcome to the Anthorrorgy.

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