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Monday, August 04, 2008


To the Avid Reader:

In today’s market geared toward urban fiction, there are very few stories aimed toward our youth that contain a strong positive message or characters to go along with it. Amid the sex and the violence, there are no stories that seem to relate to coming of age without a grim and deadly fate waiting for them at the end. You will find just the opposite in my novel The Hooky Party.
With positive characters combined with the mischief of being a teenager, this story teaches our youth the value of taking responsibility for your actions as they make their way into adulthood. The life of a teenager involves issues with friendship, honesty and trust, the things that are important to a teenager’s life. The Hooky Party touches on these issues. The story is built on the concept of what happens when a good plan goes terribly wrong.
When two best friends plan an event which they feel will make them both popular and is well within their rights to do, they discount the possibilities of what could happen if things go wrong. Though they are both excellent students and very smart, like most teenagers they don’t believe that they will get caught nor face any consequences for their actions. Even when the plan starts to unravel, they refuse to back down and push forward.
But when they get caught, they find out that there is no one to blame but themselves. They also learn that friendship, no matter how strong, does have its limit. Even though it is easier to be a follower, the true test of one’s character is to be a leader of your own life. Should I say no to a friend? Will my decisions to go against the flow result in peer disappointment? Who do you blame when a joint decision goes bad? These are some of the questions that get answered in The Hooky Party as our characters learn valuable life lessons.
Though the setting is an urban high school, the teenagers depicted in The Hooky Party are not what you might think. While they are rambunctious, they are also intelligent students, family orientated and caring. Like all teenagers, they tackle the hardships of peer pressure, lean on friends for support and, most importantly, learn from their mistakes.
The Hooky Party is a good read for both teenagers and adults. Parents and teenagers can both relate to the story. It is sure to bring back fond memories; teenagers sometime forget that their parents were once teenagers too. The Hooky Party is a wonderful discussion piece for both.
A delightful urban story about coming of age without the dark and violent undertones consistently associated with urban life; The Hooky Party is a novel for everyone to enjoy. It will make a great addition to your home or school library. For more on this and my other works visit my website at www.hobbcatpresents.com.

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