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I am a self published author from Brooklyn, New York. I have been publishing my work since 2004 and currently have four titles on the market in print and ebook format. I write horror and fantasy fiction as well as books for young adult. I am also a playwright with stage productions in and around New York City. Visit my website at www.hobbcatpublishing.com

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Q: How do I order from Hobbcat Publishing, Inc.?

A: Go to www.hobbcatpresents.com and go to the bookstore. Choose the book that you wish to purchase and click on the buy now buttons. You will be directed to the purchasing pages for each book.

Q: Why are your books published by two different publishers?

A: When I wrote my first book I enlisted the services of IUniverse and published it through them. They are the current publisher of that title. The Hooky Party is published by Hobbcat Publishing, Inc. my own company.

Q: Can I get an autographed copy of a book?

A: You can get an autographed copy of The Hooky Party if you order it directly from me. I will sign it when you purchase it and send it to you. Currently A Gamble of Faith is being offered through another company. If you order directly through them, the book will be shipped from that publisher, not from me. I am working on changing that so you can purchase it along side The Hooky Party.

Q: Do you give discounts on bulk orders on your titles?

A: At the current time we are not offering discounts on bulk orders for The Hooky Party. For discounts for A Gamble of Faith contact the publisher IUniverse for details.

Q: Do you offer any deals with bulk orders of The Hooky Party?

A: For every 50 books you buy I will throw in a free copy.

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