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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For those who brought the errors to my attention regarding The Dead Syndicate I want to let you know that the book was sent to an editor.

A-1 Editing Services, which I found online and hired to edit my tome, is the company that edited the manuscript. I published the final edit that was emailed to me by the editor who was supposed to do a full edit including grammar, spelling and structure. I felt it was my duty to let you all know who the editor was as you have now seen the level of work they do.

I have had another editor rework the book and I am currently working to get a proper copy put out for 2012 before the launch of Hobbcat LLC. I have pulled the book from Kindle for the time being and will be pulling the print copy as well.

I apologize for giving you a subpar product and promise that for the coming New Year, and beyond, that no more of my books will be published without proper post edit review.

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