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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Fly on the Wall: The Movie is here!

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that my movie A Fly on the Wall is now up and running. When you visit the Online Novels section, you will find the link to the film at the bottom. Simply click on it. The film takes a moment to download so please be patient. Running time is 45min. There is no rating but there is some adult language and themes.

I wanted to do something different in my second outing as a writer and director. This film, both ambitious and unique, allows the viewer to continuously move through an anniversary party and listen in on the conversations of the guests. It wasn’t easy to achieve this goal and it took many long hours both on the set and in post production to get it to look just right. This is the first time this film is being shown to the public.

The story centers on a group of friends and couples waiting the arrival of their friend Eric to his anniversary party. Trouble is that no one seems to know exactly where he is. As his girlfriend fumes and his best friend takes the blame for his disappearance, we learn about the lives of those invited by listening in on their conversations. Will a high school crush finally lead to something more? Will one woman’s decision to be celibate ruin her relationship? Will Eric ever show up? The answer to these questions and many others surrounding the guests will surprise you.


M. L. Abbott

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