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I am a self published author from Brooklyn, New York. I have been publishing my work since 2004 and currently have four titles on the market in print and ebook format. I write horror and fantasy fiction as well as books for young adult. I am also a playwright with stage productions in and around New York City. Visit my website at www.hobbcatpublishing.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Hello one and all. Spring has finally settled in and with that comes new and exciting things. As you all know I have been busy with several writing projects. Though I admit it's not the best way to work, I feel I work better when my mind is designing different things at one time. The coming together happens during the editing process which is the hardest part next to creating the work.

As you know I have mentioned that I have a collection of stories that I have been working on. Well it is almost done and when the editing is done, which will take a while, I will be releasing The Hobbcat Chronicles which will be made up of a couple of stories from the site plus some new stories that have never been released. As the time gets closer to the release I will let you know more.

In the mean time, run out and get yourself a copy of Gamble and curl up and relax with it. I will keep you posted on the upcoming release of my new book.

Peace and God Bless

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